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about justin

More than 25 years since his first album release, Justin Donnelly decided to do something a bit different. After years of songwriting for bands he decided to test new waters. He returns to the stage as a striped down singer/songwriter, a boy and his guitar.

A staple of the alt rock scene during the late 80's 90’s and early 2000's the former singer for bands Too Vacant, The Spiffy Jones, Brain Cactus and Cherry Flavored Suicide has found a different muse. 


While running his production company and writing for film and video he felt like something was missing.

“I decided to take the singer/songwriter path and craft songs that would translate on stage with just my voice and guitar.”

Songs that have been brewing for years started coming together.  Passionate, melodic and naked, describe this new set of original material.

“I wanted a different view of the music, a different way of entertaining the audience and myself.  Songs that speak of my darkest lows and the perpetual search for happiness and love are the themes.  The songs make sense to me now and I want to share them.”

Back in the studio, his new project "Mostly Drunk Monkey", is slated for a 2017 Spring release.

Justin Black& WhiteKneeling 9-9-15
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